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At Hemington we want to ensure our children are learning in the best way possible. Anything less than 100% attendance means that your child is missing out on their education. 90% attendance is the same as missing half a day each week, or one whole month a year off school!

Reporting Absence

Any absence from school should be reported to the office before 9.15am. If we are unable to take your call, please leave a message. Our School office number is : 01332 810447

We monitor and support all attendance in a structured way. 

Attendance Steps at Hemington

STAGE 1 – If your child’s attendance falls below 95%, or a pattern of time off can be seen, a phonecall home will be made asking if support is needed and you will be advised that your child’s attendance is going to be monitored for the next four weeks for improvement

STAGE 2 – If after three weeks there is no improvement a stage 2 attendance meeting will be held to discuss how we can support you in improving your child’s attendance. If your child’s attendance is below 90% our Education Welfare Officer may become involved and will attend this meeting. It may be suggested that you provide medical evidence for absence. Unauthorised absence will be looked at, at this point

STAGE 3 -If after three weeks improvement is not seen at stage 2 Education Welfare have the following legal powers to enforce school attendance orders, prosecution for irregular attendance or penalty notices. The Headteacher will be involved at this point as well as the EWO.

Parents attendance booklet for Hemington Primary 2023

Holidays in term time

Governors have agreed that no absences for holiday requests in term time, day visits or similar will be authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances. However, you must still let school know if your child is going on holiday with the start and return dates. This will ensure the office doesn’t phone to check why your child is absent from school whilst you are away.

Request for leave during term time form download: absence-request-form.pdf

Celebrating Attendance


Good attendance is vital for learning and making friends at school. We have launched our ‘Pizza Party’ scheme to motivate the children into coming into school every day. Every day counts…..

As well as celebrating the class with the highest attendance on the newsletter the children will win a slice of pizza to put on the pizza display in the entrance hall. The class to gain the highest number of pizza slices by the final week of each half term will have a free party’.

Hemingtons Pizza Parties consist of:

  • Free food goodies for each child in the class.
  • Some free time and reward time to celebrate having the highest attendance for the half term.                                                                                               

Punctuality at Hemington

Each day those who arrive in school before 8.45 will put their name on an early bird token. This token will be put in the daily raffle/behaviour ladder pot.

Occasional weeks we will have a ‘super week’. Early birds will be pulled out in assembly and the children will get a visit to the Hemington shop.